Times Square – 30 Minutes Photos Challenge!!

Times Square is my most inspirational place on this planet! Its like my energy cabin! To make it clearer, here is my TRUE STORY: Once upon a time (lol!), I was stressed, bored, or whatever…! Then I went to Times Square, just for relax…When I looked at those vibrant, neon-lit buildings, there was a fight between my Strength and my Weakness! Here is their conversation:

  • Strength said: what’s the hell are u thinking you damn Weakness??!
  • Weakness replied: Heyyy!!! dont shout at me! Im upset now! My boss said…bla…bla…!!! I lost my…bla…bla…! then crying….!
  • Strength: you’re such a stupid ass! where are you standing right now? Its Times square! Its the heart of NYC, the most dreamy place in this world! so many people are wishing everyday to be here. You’re here now, so why do you let those weird minimal things bring you down?? You should be happy and have more enthusiasm than anyone else! Dont take this amazing view for granted! it has a price! taking it with a price or giving up, huh???!”
  • Weakness: *speechless* then stop crying….then keep being preached by Strength!
What a weird conversation ever! lol!! but anyway,  its repeated again and again whenever I need to fill up my energy…of course, it does work, I got my energy back so quickly! hahhaha!!
Today is just another day I’m wandering around Times Square…its freaky cold now! But still go!…just 30 mins for myself :)
About this album, this time, I’m back to my most favorite photo style: Black and White. So far, this album is the mix between 2 of my most favorites: my most fav style and my most fav place. However, it might not a good mix cuz Times Square in black and white style doesn’t look as fabulous as it should be. Times Square looks great in its vivid colors…and also, I have to admit that nightlife shooting is my weakness! :( some are blurry and shaking :( Anyway, I still like it…simple and emotional, as it always be :)
NYC, 19/11/2012

Fall in love – Central Park 27.10.2012

Sneek peek in Central Park!

I went to Central park just a day before Sandy coming. the sky was not really expected (cloudy all day!) but at least I can capture  the beautiful fall foliage before the super-storm ruins everything!

Enjoy ^^

Take a rest after a working day….

I dont know why but I’m so obsessed with all the bridges in Central Park. They looks so elegant…like in the fairy tales! <3

Same bridge, different color tone :D

black n white tone. classic as always :D

which way should I go?

close up 1

Fall is coming into town…Central park has gladly received the embraces of fall foliage…Walking through these Autumn roads, I feel endless love…

Life sometimes sucks…at least for me right now…have to struggle….feel like I’m drowning…But standing in front of this stunning view, I just wanna forget everything, open my heart and enjoy every moment of this beautiful life…

A castle

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – so true!

One of the most romantic corners in this world! Just wish when I pass away (in 80 years :))) ), I will be buried right here! LOL!!!


So many families pose under this tree!

another bridge :D

Brothers! LOL!! =))

Feel like I’m in a jungle!

close up 2

Close up 3 – so cute!

only in Fall <3

Close up 4 – simply beautiful :)

“falling leaves, hide the path, so quietly” – John Bailey

Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and enjoy this beautiful view…amazing nature.

Close up 5 – Sleeping leave :”>

Sunflowers in a flower shop

I can sit here all day long…do nothing but look at this huge tree =))

Lovely color!

Ending! so far this is my favorite pic in this album. not really because its in black & white, it simply inspires me so much! And I just wanna say something for myself:

“there is no rain without thunder and lightning, no ocean without waves….This is life. now you have to face with so many “thunders” and “waves” in your life…you’r exhausted…wanna give up? NO. Accept it. Fight till the end. Nothing is impossible. In the worst case, you might lose, but at least, you will be proud of what you have tried. Stand up and fight.”

Again, no pain, no gain.