Someone told me that “you don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens…just follow your heart.” I did it. I was happy,  at least until I knew things happened…

I always remind myself: thing happens for it reasons. So true. Time to wake up, listen to my brain more.

a little piece broken inside.


Learned something, grown up and understand life more. What can I expect more? :)

La Bella Vita ^^



A day in Napa, part 2: Wineries

We were visiting 4 wineries: Castello di Amorosa, Beringer, Opus One, and Peju. Hope I remember all those names correctly lol.

For a non-alcoholic like me, visiting those places is a very new experience :) A new line written in my goal’s list: someday I will take my dad here, he will be pleased for sure lol :))
CYMERA_20141116_235132 CYMERA_20141116_235202 CYMERA_20141116_235250

Im still learning how to take pics in low light…and still suck at it lolCYMERA_20141116_235321 CYMERA_20141116_235346 CYMERA_20141116_235406 CYMERA_20141116_235440 CYMERA_20141116_235500 CYMERA_20141116_235526 CYMERA_20141116_235545 CYMERA_20141116_235611 CYMERA_20141116_235634

IMG_20141116_235710 CYMERA_20141116_235739 CYMERA_20141116_235757 CYMERA_20141116_235812 CYMERA_20141116_235850

Fatty hen lol :))CYMERA_20141116_235912 CYMERA_20141116_235942 CYMERA_20141117_000005 CYMERA_20141117_000023 CYMERA_20141117_000038 CYMERA_20141117_000057 CYMERA_20141117_000116 CYMERA_20141117_000133 CYMERA_20141117_000147 CYMERA_20141117_000159 CYMERA_20141117_000255IMG_20141117_000228 CYMERA_20141117_000309 CYMERA_20141117_000325 CYMERA_20141117_000345 CYMERA_20141117_000409 CYMERA_20141117_000422 CYMERA_20141117_000438 CYMERA_20141117_000456 CYMERA_20141117_000519 CYMERA_20141117_000538 CYMERA_20141117_000555 CYMERA_20141117_000609 CYMERA_20141117_000625 CYMERA_20141117_000641 CYMERA_20141117_000656 CYMERA_20141117_000718 CYMERA_20141117_000737 CYMERA_20141117_000752 CYMERA_20141117_000816 CYMERA_20141117_000832 CYMERA_20141117_000846 CYMERA_20141117_000859 CYMERA_20141117_000912 CYMERA_20141117_000940 CYMERA_20141117_000955 CYMERA_20141117_001013 CYMERA_20141117_001030 CYMERA_20141117_001100


A day in Napa, Part 1: Chasing Balloons :)

It was a great day in Napa Valley. We were “chasing” hot air balloons from very early in the morning and visiting some wineries in the afternoon time :) 3 hours sleep was totally a worth lol !!

Looking at those balloons flying in the sky was such a simple pleasure…

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go…

Dreams are worth for chasing… Nobody knows the future. Follow your gut and feelings, and of course, try your best, everything will fall into places soon.

An adventure has just started.



CYMERA_20141115_205650 CYMERA_20141115_205714 CYMERA_20141115_205742 CYMERA_20141115_205801 CYMERA_20141115_205839 CYMERA_20141115_205917 CYMERA_20141115_205943 CYMERA_20141115_210307 CYMERA_20141115_210344 CYMERA_20141115_210403CYMERA_20141115_210420 CYMERA_20141115_210440 CYMERA_20141115_210535 CYMERA_20141115_210549 CYMERA_20141115_210724 CYMERA_20141115_210809 CYMERA_20141115_210832 CYMERA_20141115_210946 CYMERA_20141115_211022 CYMERA_20141115_211055 CYMERA_20141115_211124 CYMERA_20141115_211202 CYMERA_20141115_211306CYMERA_20141115_205343

A dedicated photographer :))IMG_20141115_205421CYMERA_20141115_205226 CYMERA_20141115_205108 CYMERA_20141115_205043 CYMERA_20141115_205015 CYMERA_20141115_204937 CYMERA_20141115_204710 CYMERA_20141115_204650 CYMERA_20141115_204626 At a vineyardCYMERA_20141115_204600 CYMERA_20141115_204537 CYMERA_20141115_204509 CYMERA_20141115_204446 CYMERA_20141115_204422 CYMERA_20141115_204338
CYMERA_20141115_204037 IMG_20141115_204215IMG_20141115_204145IMG_20141115_203939CYMERA_20141115_203553 CYMERA_20141115_203509 CYMERA_20141115_203446 CYMERA_20141115_203425 CYMERA_20141115_203355 CYMERA_20141115_203333 CYMERA_20141115_203140 CYMERA_20141115_203031CYMERA_20141115_202956CYMERA_20141115_202932CYMERA_20141115_202841CYMERA_20141115_202759CYMERA_20141115_202738CYMERA_20141115_201221CYMERA_20141115_201141CYMERA_20141115_200133CYMERA_20141115_200057CYMERA_20141115_195948

Daddy and daughters. I dont know how long I just stood there and watched them playing…It made me miss our childhood so much…Time flies…CYMERA_20141115_200031


Almost doneCYMERA_20141115_195732CYMERA_20141115_195649CYMERA_20141115_195313CYMERA_20141115_195403CYMERA_20141115_195444CYMERA_20141115_195528CYMERA_20141115_195551CYMERA_20141115_195224

Someone looking sleepy lol :))IMG_20141115_194634IMG_20141115_194530IMG_20141115_194435IMG_20141115_195014IMG_20141115_195105

Wrapping upCYMERA_20141115_194125



It was a wandering day in SF with some new friends. Such a long time I didn’t have chance to enjoy the ocean’s view like that… feeling myself so tiny…It is where I re-find myself, where I feel peace, and feel my deepest thoughts, which have been ignored for too long…wished I could have sit there for hours…


Life is like an ocean. It can be calm or still and rough or rigid. But in the end, it’s always beautiful. My “ocean” is kinda cloudy and stormy now, but I believe sunny day will come back soon. God will never give you more than you can handle. Everything will fall into right place if you try your best and stay on the right track…

DSC_2688 DSC_2690 DSC_2691 DSC_2698 DSC_2703 DSC_2705 DSC_2709 DSC_2716 DSC_2717 DSC_2718 DSC_2719 DSC_2720 DSC_2721 DSC_2724 DSC_2726 DSC_2728 DSC_2729 DSC_2730 DSC_2732 DSC_2735 DSC_2737 DSC_2738 DSC_2742 DSC_2743 DSC_2744 DSC_2745 DSC_2747 DSC_2749 DSC_2750 DSC_2751


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U, my best of bestieees! ^^^

Your birthday was 2 days ago. was supposed to write you this note last night but I forgot lol.

My bestie officially gets older 1 more year, but still a baby :))

Well, Im not gonna write a lot here, just wanna attach some “presents” for you ! ^^ Since you kinda lost all your pictures in your laptop,  so I will post them here! Come and get it :))


Cant believe its more than 1 year since we took those pics. All the past memories have come back to me so clearly, like it just happened yesterday… One of the best times of my life… Thank you for being an important part of it :) Its the past, but it still matters, it is not dead. A year has passed, so many things going on for both of us, I have been through many tough times, but in the end, Im happy that we still remain great friends :) I truly hope we will be besties 4ever, like what I wrote in my Santa wish last 2 years…I wont forget our best memories… never regret, never will :) I wish you all the bests, wish you will find your perfect other half soon :) I will always be here, support you in every way. I believe you will do the same to me. U better be! lol

Okay, enough words! here is your pics! Enjoy ^^

Fotor073112429 Fotor073112455 Fotor073112506 Fotor0731123629 Fotor0731123953 Fotor0731124728 Fotor0731131622


Ron plays violin :)

Ron has a new “toy” today! He got a violin! Its funny, he kept falling asleep when doing some homework, but totally awake when I said: “lets have a break, you can play violin outside!” He seemed enjoying his new toy a lot :) me too lol! Its kinda ashamed, this was the first time I touched and “played” a violin! =)) felt great! made horrible sound tho lol :))

Seriously made a promise: when I have my own kids, I will let them learn whatever they want to: sports, dancing, singing, painting, playing instruments, etc. I will support them no matter what so that they wont be suck like their mom, who knows nothing lol! :(((






Movie night! Have just watched Maleficent. An awesome movie :) I kinda like the way they updated/ changed the original tale a bit. It makes more sense indeed :)) As always, love Angelina Jolie so much! She has a genuinely heroic presence as Maleficent.

Anyway, here is what I like from the movie, I believe in all those things before, the movie helped me to confirm those in rational way :)

1. There’s no such thing like love at first sight lol. Phillip couldnt save Aurora when she got cursed by his kiss :)) Love develops with time, and comes from knowing the other person, of gazing into their souls, not just their pretty faces. Also, true LOVE’s kiss isn’t always what you think it will be. There are more other meaningful loves in this world, dont forget :)

2. Looks can be deceiving. It is what is on the inside that matters most. Maleficent and Stefan are great examples.

3. Selfishness brings about a darker side in anyone and that will begin to consume all things.

4. Friendship is a gift. A close friend is always a good thing. They can help you see beyond yourself. Ahh, wanna call all my besties, wanna say thank you to all and how much they’re meant to me!:)) Im so high now :))

5. Like Maleficent, all of us are both villain and hero :) The world is not divided between those who are good and those who are evil. Both forces are residing and fighting constantly inside all of us. In the end, what defines us is not our dark side (something we need to accept and embrace because it is a part of who we are), but our choices.

6. This is more about feminism: Women can have a “happily ever after” without Prince Charming. Aurora and Maleficent don’t need prince or a king to be happy. They have found their own happiness. Thats all matter!

Ok, thats it for tonight. feel like Im a moral preacher now lol :))




It’s just not an easy day. So what?!

I didnt have a good start in the morning today. Woke up freaky early for some stupid things going on…and from a “nice” conversation last night.

Decided to have a “short” walk to library. The weather was nice today, not too much heat as yesterday, sunny and a bit cloudy, which I think it was perfect. I got these 2 pics! Along with music, taking pics surely helped me reduce some stress :)

IMG_20141007_183006IMG_20141007_182919pretty nice, huh?! :)

BTW, just randomly got it from internet. how true! :))

eb5ecf2b32161e3e02cde493664c757dI know people are different, but believe me: life is a long run and karma exists. We’ll see how far you go :)


Our typical Conversation :))

Me: I may carpool with you and your mom today, Ron.
Ronnie: Where is your bike?
Me: well,…I dont bike today, it’s..
Ronnie: It brokeee, right??!

Me: (Mind crying out) Yes… :(((

Ronnie: why dont you have a car?
Me: Im too poor, Ron :(
Ronnie: you’re poorer than a Hobo?

Me: who’s Hobo?
Ronnie: oh, Hobo is a homeless guy =))
Me: lol oh, Im not that poor tho!
Ronnie: oh, so you’re just kinda poor!


Ronnie: Hobo people have nothing, they should rob the bank! Then they can be millionaires! =))

Me: LOL but robbing a bank is not easy, Ron. To rob a bank, you need to be smart.. :))))) and I believe your Hobo people aint smart enough =))
Ronnie: oh yea, they just eat fast…then die fast, right?!

Our conversation kept going til Ron’s mom came to pick him up. Im so blessed to have chance to work with kids like that, always crack myself up =)) They bring me smiles and happy time everyday :)

Thanks Nguyen so much!!!

(no offense to anyone, its just a fun conversation between me and my little student :P)20140609_190523



I took this pic when I was on the way back home from school last Thursday (October 2nd). It looked pretty serious cuz they had to block the whole street, rerouted the bus line temporarily (thats why I had to wait for like 4ever for the bus!). Well, I dont know why I always pick the high crime rate cities to live in lol :)) used to be the Bronx, then Oakland :)). Ok, lets talk a bit about my lovely “hometown” :)) it has high violent crime rate: 1,683 per 100,000 residents. Oakland’s high levels of poverty and proximity to drug corridors combine to generate lots of violence. Yes, my “hometown” ranks first nationwide in violent robberies. Its kinda weird, now I dont live in Oakland anymore, miss it tho :( maybe a peaceful life is not what Im looking for lol!



Hello October!

Such a long time I havent been awake after midnight like that…

Wanna write something for the first day of this special month, but dont know where to start.

It’s always much more complicated than it seems and because nothing is ever black or white – all is grey. Sometimes I much doubt on my decision making ability…it never works properly…

I’m still learning to accept things that don’t follow my way.

Its October. Birthday month. Gonna get older (officially), yet in middle of nowhere still.




Yes. I failed. Cant remember how many times I have failed like that…

People said “Failure is a much more faithful teacher than immediate success”…”teacher” surely loves me, keep bugging around me.

Just my fault…cant blame to anything else.

Need time to look back on my life, my goals, and everything…need to discipline myself seriously also.

Wont let this failure happen again.

Monday, Sept 15th.



Our Amazing Trekking Trip in Ha Giang. Part 1: Day 1-2

I believe that we should take time to see the world and taste the fullness of life. We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; but in the end, the main goal of travelling is to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. It’s about journey of life. I love travelling. That’s undeniable. Every journey I have been through brings me happiness and unforgettable moments. That’s why whenever I can, I always urge myself to travel so that when I look back on my life in future, I will have moments of which I am proud.

            One of my most meaningful journeys has been my Ha Giang trip. Last year, we – I and my sister – decided to make a road trip to explore the northernmost part of Vietnam in November. That trip was not about us being tourists. It was about experiencing true risk and adventure. About Ha Giang, it is one of the less travelled places in Northern Vietnam. Only 179 miles (288km) driving miles from Hanoi; the town sits in a valley surrounded by four mountains and the Lo River bending in its flow. This area is still untouched to many Vietnamese travelers and foreign tourists. It is the land of the natural majestic landscapes, and the sharpness of long-standing living tradition of the hill tribe people that many tourists have not known.  It is one of the best trekking places for young Vietnamese. It is even being said that one could not truly consider oneself Vietnamese until having been there. I and my sister both felt the excitement about our trip.

Day 1 – early day 2:

            We took the bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang city on Friday evening, 9pm. It was a crammed-local-bed-bunk style bus. The driver surely did a great job in organizing and arranging people into the bus. We were told to stay on the upper level, which was a bit tight and it was hard to sit up because of the low ceiling. During eight hours on the bus, we only could lie down. Before sleeping, we spent two hours calling some local motorbike rental shops to make some deals about our renting. There were a lot of motorbike rentals in Ha Giang, therefore, normally people don’t need to call or make reservation in advance. After several calls, we decided to go for Mrs. Huong’s. She seemed very nice and offered us a very good deal. After 8 hours on bus, we arrived to the city very early in the morning, 5am. Although we were still tired, due to the long bus ride, we went straight to Mrs. Huong’s house to get the motorbike. Since it was dark at that time, and our phone had no Wi-Fi signal, it took us about 30 minutes to find her house. She was very friendly and helpful. She made us feel very comfortable; we chatted for one hour or so, and then we got the scooter. Because we are both female and the roads to our destination are very dangerous, Mrs. Huong recommended us to rent scooter instead; we were fine with it. Our scooter was a like new one, a Wave II. After having finished all the needed paperwork for the scooter renting, we officially started our journey to the northernmost of Vietnam. It was 7am.

on the bus!

on the bus!

off the bus, took a bit rest at a street store

off the bus, took a bit rest at a street store

Our journey started!

Our journey started!

its me! :))

its me! :))

taking pics for a couple :)

taking pics for a couple :) they were on their honeymoon! how cool! :))

our first pic together!

our first pic together!





changing driving "shift" :))

changing driving “shift” :))




met a minority on the way...

met a minority on the way…

arrived the local weekend market.

were passing by a local weekend market.


I looked so lost :))

I looked so lost :))




Van Chai town

Van Chai town


I looked so dumb lol :))

looking cool :))

looking cool :))




little boy on the edge. it looked very dangerous, but they might get used to it.

little boy on the edge. it looked very dangerous, but they might get used to it.


Yes, Im ready again :))

Yes, Im ready again :))

the road is very curvy

the road is very curvy


...and dangerous to ride!

…and dangerous to ride!

But local people are used to it!

But local people are used to it!

Our destination was in

Our destination was in 39 kms

met a surfing-riding group! They had a bunch of people in a group. We had 2 lol :))

met a surfing-riding group! They had a bunch of people in a group. We had 2 lol :))

stopped for a bit!

stopped for a bit!






see how crazyyy the roads were!!! lots of hairpins!

see how crazyyy the roads were!!! lots of hairpins!

But I was not scared ^^ kept moving!

But I was not scared ^^ kept moving!

arrived to the top!

arrived to the top!

Local people

Local kids

At Vuong's Palace

At Vuong’s Palace. Well, its outside. We didnt get inside the palace :))

keep moving!

keep moving!

just "a few" mountains to go :))

just “a few” mountains to go :))



The kids were very excited to see us!

The kids were very excited to see us!


its a valley. How beautiful ^^

its a valley. How beautiful ^^


dont know what I did here lol

dont know what I did here lol

arrived the old town. I was sleeping right after checking in the motel. sis was walking around to take pics a bit at night

arrived the old town. I was sleeping right after checking in the motel. sis was walking around to take pics a bit at night









Times Square – 30 Minutes Photos Challenge!!

Times Square is my most inspirational place on this planet! Its like my energy cabin! To make it clearer, here is my TRUE STORY: Once upon a time (lol!), I was stressed, bored, or whatever…! Then I went to Times Square, just for relax…When I looked at those vibrant, neon-lit buildings, there was a fight between my Strength and my Weakness! Here is their conversation:

  • Strength said: what’s the hell are u thinking you damn Weakness??!
  • Weakness replied: Heyyy!!! dont shout at me! Im upset now! My boss said…bla…bla…!!! I lost my…bla…bla…! then crying….!
  • Strength: you’re such a stupid ass! where are you standing right now? Its Times square! Its the heart of NYC, the most dreamy place in this world! so many people are wishing everyday to be here. You’re here now, so why do you let those weird minimal things bring you down?? You should be happy and have more enthusiasm than anyone else! Dont take this amazing view for granted! it has a price! taking it with a price or giving up, huh???!”
  • Weakness: *speechless* then stop crying….then keep being preached by Strength!
What a weird conversation ever! lol!! but anyway,  its repeated again and again whenever I need to fill up my energy…of course, it does work, I got my energy back so quickly! hahhaha!!
Today is just another day I’m wandering around Times Square…its freaky cold now! But still go!…just 30 mins for myself :)
About this album, this time, I’m back to my most favorite photo style: Black and White. So far, this album is the mix between 2 of my most favorites: my most fav style and my most fav place. However, it might not a good mix cuz Times Square in black and white style doesn’t look as fabulous as it should be. Times Square looks great in its vivid colors…and also, I have to admit that nightlife shooting is my weakness! :( some are blurry and shaking :( Anyway, I still like it…simple and emotional, as it always be :)
NYC, 19/11/2012

Fall in love – Central Park 27.10.2012

Sneek peek in Central Park!

I went to Central park just a day before Sandy coming. the sky was not really expected (cloudy all day!) but at least I can capture  the beautiful fall foliage before the super-storm ruins everything!

Enjoy ^^

Take a rest after a working day….

I dont know why but I’m so obsessed with all the bridges in Central Park. They looks so elegant…like in the fairy tales! <3

Same bridge, different color tone :D

black n white tone. classic as always :D

which way should I go?

close up 1

Fall is coming into town…Central park has gladly received the embraces of fall foliage…Walking through these Autumn roads, I feel endless love…

Life sometimes sucks…at least for me right now…have to struggle….feel like I’m drowning…But standing in front of this stunning view, I just wanna forget everything, open my heart and enjoy every moment of this beautiful life…

A castle

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – so true!

One of the most romantic corners in this world! Just wish when I pass away (in 80 years :))) ), I will be buried right here! LOL!!!


So many families pose under this tree!

another bridge :D

Brothers! LOL!! =))

Feel like I’m in a jungle!

close up 2

Close up 3 – so cute!

only in Fall <3

Close up 4 – simply beautiful :)

“falling leaves, hide the path, so quietly” – John Bailey

Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and enjoy this beautiful view…amazing nature.

Close up 5 – Sleeping leave :”>

Sunflowers in a flower shop

I can sit here all day long…do nothing but look at this huge tree =))

Lovely color!

Ending! so far this is my favorite pic in this album. not really because its in black & white, it simply inspires me so much! And I just wanna say something for myself:

“there is no rain without thunder and lightning, no ocean without waves….This is life. now you have to face with so many “thunders” and “waves” in your life…you’r exhausted…wanna give up? NO. Accept it. Fight till the end. Nothing is impossible. In the worst case, you might lose, but at least, you will be proud of what you have tried. Stand up and fight.”

Again, no pain, no gain.